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Welcome To Bob’ And Mike’s Create Your Own Store For the First 20 Business that sign up with us will received  A Special on there web store . please send Your Contact information to

Ecommerce Web Store Help, brining a whole new marketing strategy for business owners to be able to afford and utilize a web site for there business and to get there products out to millions of customers on the internet. By becoming part of our network organization we can help expand your business, and not having that burden of a large overhead to do so. Ecommerce Web Help can be your marketing arm. Every time someone goes into our web site they will have the opportunity to see all the venders listed as well as a list of catagorie that will guide them to your web site. If you do not have a web site we can help you create one and again at a very inexpensive rate. We are looking to grow our business, by helping you grow yours. So if your ready to get started and accelerate your business or start one, contact us and watch your business soar.

Thank You

Bob & Mike